Always Another Adventure

End of series one

November 20, 2021 Simon Willis Season 1 Episode 51
Always Another Adventure
End of series one
Show Notes

Fifty episodes seems a good time to bring the first series of Always Another Adventure to a close.

When will series two start - I don’t know yet.  It’ll be when I have the energy and enthusiasm to chase guests who interest me and start recording with them.

In the meantime my efforts  are directed towards the Always Another Adventure YouTube channel.  Please check it out if you haven’t already.  Oh and stay subscribed to the podcasts please, then when they return a new one will drop into your phone.

You might like to know 89% of you download to a mobile device.  69% of you use an iPhone.  49% of you use Apple Podcasts.  17% use an Android phone.  Very few of you listen on a smart speaker - too few to count. 

85% are in Europe, 8% North America and 4% Oceana.

Since starting in March 2020 those fifty episodes have received more than 65 thousand downloads, and I hope they’ll continue while we all wait for series two.

Each episode gets about 1500 downloads with the single most popular episode being Donnie Campbell’s record breaking self propelled Munro round with well over 2000 listens.   Mark Beaumont, Emily Chapel and Josh Ibbett are not far behind.

They’re all still available for download and I expect those numbers to increase.  Sea Kayak Podcasts, which I stopped updating a decade ago, received 27 thousand downloads over the same period.

So I hope I’ll be back with series two, and although I can’t say when, I hope you’ll join me over on YouTube or at  I’m Simon Willis, thanks for listening.  Bye.